BiState Vintage Radio Repair, LLC
Fixing vintage electronics since 1974
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FIXED! Fast, Fair, and Right.
BiState Vintage Radio Repair may have a new storefront and a new website, but Gary's been fixing all things electronic for decades. 5-Stars, for sure!

--Bob, Columbia, IL
May 2016

Diane and Gary restored our great-grandparents' broken 1931 tube radio to working order. Not only does it sound great, but it looks amazing! What a great family heirloom, it's almost a time machine! Thank you.

--Kyle, Belleville, IL
September 2016

Take a look at Kyle's Screen Grid radio on the Before and After page. 


Gary told me he could get my old DelMonico up and going, and he did! Can't thank BiState Vintage enough for the time, effort and overall service they provided. Now back to my listening pleasure!

--Jason, St. Louis, MO
September 2016


What an awesome business! Gary refurbished our late 1950s Olympic Opta and it works like a charm. Great attention to detail at a very fair price! They truly treat the radios like they're their own. My husband and I are so proud to have our family heirloom in working order! Thanks Gary and Diane!

--Nikki, St. Louis, MO
January 2017


I paid another place to restore it, and it never worked right. Gary did a great job restoring it. It's over 60 years old and plays like it's brand new!

--Bill, Lebanon, IL
May 2017

See the picture of Gary (and his helper dog) working on Bill's record player on the What's New page.

Diane, Gary & Steve are fantastic! They are master radio restorers and radio repair specialists. They will make your radio like new or better, please take your radios there,I can't recommend them enough they saved my braun rt 20 radio from anothers bad work and made it glorious, please use them and support them!

--Dan, Colchester, CT
November 2017

Diane and Gary are awesome people with big hearts. They also do great work by the way. I highly recommend them.

Teddy, Springfield, IL
November 2018

You guys are amazing! I was restoring my mom & dad's old GE console stereo, first purchased in 1968, and where I used to listen to my albums and 45s when I was a kid. I'm able to handle the cabinet, and I'm handy enough to upgrade the speakers and the electronics, but I didn't know what to do about the metal bezel / escutcheon that held all of the controls. After decades if sitting in a damp basement, it was in REALLY poor shape. Every other place I contacted told me no, but then I ran across BiState. Diane was such a pleasure to deal with, and immediately gave me the confidence that they would recreate all the metal and plastic control labels for me. And they did! I was blown away at how well they came out! Perfect match of colors and fonts, and when it's complete, I'm positive nobody will ever know they were reproductions and not the actual factory produced product. I also have to say, it's not often you run across someone who is so pleasant, so helpful, and so confidence inspiring, and not someone who just treats you like a number. Diane was absolutely amazing from the initial contact through completing my job. I can't imagine how this whole experience could ever have been better. Thank you Diane! You're amazing!

--Doug, Fort Mill, SC
June, 2018

Received in the mail from Smithton, IL, July 2019:


I just want say thanks again. I picked up the 1941 Philco record player today. I was amazed at how nice it looked. I couldn't wait to take it to my mom's house and show it to her and let her hear it play again. She was also very excited about how nice it looked. We sat and played some of her old records on it most of the afternoon. We had a great time. Just the joy in her face was worth every penny it cost to have the record player fixed. My mom turned 80 in April and to have her tell stories about the record player from when she was a kid was special. Thanks again, Gary and Diane!

--Jeff, Wright City, MO
July 2019



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