BiState Vintage Radio Repair, LLC
Fixing vintage electronics since 1974
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About Us

BiState Vintage Radio Repair, LLC, has its roots at a work bench in a shed and then a dedicated space in a basement and has grown to its present location at 300 N. High Street in Belleville, Illinois.  A steady stream of new and repeat customers has helped this growth.  BiState Vintage Radio Repair, LLC, is a small business in the mom-and-pop-tradition of America.  We are dedicated to honesty and integrity and treating the customer right.

Business Hours:

Tuesday through Friday:  10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday:  8:00 AM - 12:00 PM noon
Closed Sunday and Monday


BiState Vintage Radio Repair, LLC was recently featured on Fox2 News.  Watch the segment here:


BiState Vintage Radio Repair, LLC was recently the Small Business of the Week on KTRS!!  Watch it here:


Gary Streeter, FCC-Licensed Technician

Gary built his first crystal radio at age 7.  Seven years later, he sought a repairman for his first ham radio in 1974.  Instead of merely repairing Gary's radio, Mr. Webb taught Gary to make the repairs on it and other vintage radios.  Gary also completed correspondence courses teaching radio frequency (RF) circuitry while completing his high school homework.  Gary later worked repairing televisions and radios for a local repair shop and then repairing guitar amplifiers for a local music studio until joining the South Carolina National Guard where he repaired field radios.  He has taken many courses and exams, including those offered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which issued Gary's license as a radio repair technician and also his General Radio Telephone Operator License (GROL). 

Gary is a member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association, an exclusive organization for people who have been amateur radio (ham) operators for 25 years or more.  Gary is proud to also be a member of the Radio Club of America, the oldest, most prestigious group of wireless communications professionals in the world.  Its members are dedicated to the wireless art and science for the betterment of society and must be elected and vetted to be granted membership.

Gary has the training and experience you're looking for.  Trust him to take care of all your antique electronics!


Diane Earhart, Office Manager

Diane's organizational skills and extensive background as a secretary, administrative assistant, event coordinator, visual designer, and more makes her a perfect choice to manage the administrative duties of BiState Vintage Radio Repair, LLC.  Diane is also our webmaster, Facebook coordinator, and Chief Branding Officer.  She is likely to be the first voice you hear on the telephone or the first face you see when you walk through the door.  Come by and say hello!


Steve King, Assistant

Steve is our graphic designer, muscle to help carry heavy radios and equipment, and general support staff.  Steve was trained as a drafter doing technical drawing in his native England and worked as a computer aided drafter for many years.  He is an award-winning painter of miniature gaming figures in 15mm.  He is also Diane's husband.  As a talented artist and painter, Steve helps in the restoration of knobs, dials, and other accessories, as well as creating our logo.  Steve would be happy to share a spot of tea with you!

Schultz, Security

Schultz is an Alaskan Malamute/German Shepherd mix who spends his days overseeing business.  He will protect all who enter from bad moods and grumpiness.  He will be happy to give you kisses.  Schultz is a flight risk and is the reason the door will likely be locked when you arrive.  Just ring the doorbell and you will be given an enthusiastic welcome!


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