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November 6, 2021

September 5, 2021

With tremendous regret and no small amount of sadness, we have made the extremely difficult decision to semi-retire and wind down BiState Vintage Radio Repair.  We realize this will cause much disappointment to our friends we have made over the last five plus years and to the hundreds of people on the waiting list.  We have lost several vendors to retirement and health issues, and this makes serving our own customers harder.  Covid didn't help us, either.  We both have ailing family members in another state, which as time goes on takes us away from the shop.


We will keep the waiting list and as Gary has any free time to make a repair once in a while as a hobby, he will do so.  If we come across anyone else who is ready, willing, and able to work on vintage electronics, we will gladly refer you.


We appreciate your patronage and loyalty more than words can express, and we treasure the friendships we have made.  We wish everyone well and express our gratitude once again.

Fondest wishes from Gary and Diane

(pictures courtesy

  We were recently featured in Collector's Journal, a national publication with emphasis on the midwest.  To read this article, click on the FILE DOWNLOAD tab in the website menu bar.

BiState Vintage Radio Repair, LLC was recently featured on Fox2 News.  Watch the segment here

2505 Chippendale Drive
Belleville, IL  62221-3271



Do you have an old tube radio that needs repair?   

Is there a phonograph in your garage or attic that you thought
couldn't be fixed? 

 Did your guitar amp blow out in the Rock 'N' Roll heyday? 

 Is your turntable more table than turn? 

 Blow off the dust and wipe off the cobwebs and call


 BiState Vintage Radio Repair, LLC!

Are you looking for a place to dispose of a dirty, dusty, ratty old radio that's been collecting bird droppings in your attic or garage?  Bring it to us!!!!!!!  No matter how old; no matter how icky; no matter what condition--we want it!  Please don't destroy your old phonograph or radio.

Beware of websites that say their radios are "professionally restored." This often means only the cabinet--sometimes the electronics are untouched and often dangerous.  Other repair shops might change some tubes, but this is rarely the only issue that needs to be addressed with vintage electronics.


Please contact BiStateVintage Radio Repair, LLC to restore to working, like-new condition:

  • tube radios and record players/phonographs
  •  old telephones
  • amplifiers
  •  vintage ham & CB radios
  • small kitchen appliances
  • Victrolas
  • and more--just about anything electronic pre-1970!!


If it's old and electric, BiState Vintage Radio Repair, LLC can probably restore and resurrect it!


 If you have something old,
to see if it works.

Let BiState Vintage Radio Repair, LLC
do an analysis of safety first!!

These wires were in a customer's radio.  It's not just the rat's nest of wiring, but the majority of the insulation has disintegrated and has left bare wires touching each other in the tangle of wiring.

These capacitors were in a customer's radio.  They are 320V DC and dried out.  There are no electrolytic chemicals and can cause a direct short.  It's impossible to know if the wiring or capacitors in your radio are in this condition without disassembling it by a qualified technician.

These are wires from the audio transformer which feeds B+ high voltage to the plate of the audio output tube in a customer's Zenith record player.  If these bare wires would touch the speaker, it would fry the radio, or possibly the person that might touch them.  BiState Vintage Radio Repair does not use electrical tape, which can fail as in this photo.  We use heat shrink on solder connections.


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